Lifeless in Shame (in___my___eyes) wrote in happy_trolls,
Lifeless in Shame

=D !!!

I'm so excited. Trolls have always made me so so happy. I used to have so many when I was little: I distinctly remember an adult one with yellow hair and one with dark purple hair and a belly jewel... and maybe one with green hair. I have all these pictures of my sister and me with our trolls, and some videos. But alas, we have them no more! My mother probably got rid of them in some way.

In the present, I only have one D= with purpley-pink hair that is a fridge magnet. I bought a troll paint book a few years ago, but I lost it somewhere in my room [I'm searching for it though]. It kind of makes me a bit mad that trolls are being re-introduced as Trollz, but this has been done so many times with so many toys. Oh well. I like the way they looked before, not now [as Trollz].

Sorry, no pictures of my trolls - but just for some visuals. =S

Image hosted by
I wish I could say this was mine... D=

Image hosted by
Trolls sizes.

Image hosted by
Warrior trolls...?

Image hosted by
Thirty-six pairs of rainbow hair earrings...with store display. Whoa.
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