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Hello My Name is Joanna or FairyNoj I'm 18 and from the UK and i like watermelon

I have been given trolls from a young age I have some very speacial dam trolls and some russ trolls but if i go troll shopping i tend to buy dam because i much prefer the shape and design of the trolls.

I used to read the troll comic when i was young and I still have many copies, I really dig the girlie tv series and love the gothy troll character she makes me giggle.

I dont really know that else to write. So i'll fly away for now. x
Bye bye
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hello Joanna/fairynoi :D thanks for joining!

how many trolls do you have?
You should post some piccys of your favourit trolls :)

my hair is like the gothy type troll (onyx?) but in changing it purple soon too lol.